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Lew's Casting Reels

The BB2 Pro is designed for anglers who need, or simply like, to make extremely long casts and boasts a line capacity of 190 yards of 14-pound test. This reel gives long casters confidence in knowing that they’ll still have plenty of line on the reel even on the farthest of casts.

Speed Dial: Our innovative Speed Dial line indicator is now available on the BB2 Pro models. The Speed Dial Speed Spool® reels feature a convenient line indicator dial on the spool's tension knob. Quickly set and recognize what line type and line weight you have loaded on your reel.

MSRP - $209.99


Like its freshwater BB2 cousin, the Inshore wide-model baitcast reel holds more line; it has a line capacity of up to 190 yards of 14-pound test. The reel makes for longer casts, plus handles the runs of powerful reds. The reel’s placement of an oversized silver titanium-coated line guide farther away from the spool minimizes line friction and adds to casting distance.

MSRP - $209.99