3 Quick Tips for Winter Bass Fishing

3 Quick Tips for Winter Bass Fishing

3 Quick Tips


It seems like a short time ago we were all excited about slightly cooler temperatures and scratching our heads over migrating bass. Now, just about the time we have somewhat figured out how fall bass fishing goes, it’s now time to re-adjust as temperatures continue to dip and the bass begin settling into more typical wintertime patterns. I have learned that winter can yield slower days of fishing, but I also know that most of the really big bass I have caught have come while wearing a jacket with hand warmers in the pocket! So, here are 3 QUICK TIPS to carry with you to make those days a little less slow and possibly help you catch a new personal best!

Find Deep Water

In a pond, find the deepest portion. In rivers and natural lakes, find deep holes. In reservoirs, find deep channel swings. Cold bass like to be in and near this deeper water, and it typically holds an entire food chain! These bass are typically suspended, so things like drop-shots, finesse swimbaits, hair jigs, spoons, and the like are great options on those brutal days. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be dropping your lure into the abyss. The best holes and channels will have quick access to shallow water. On those colder days that have some sunshine, the shallow water will warm up drawing bait, and along with bait, bass. This is a good time to cast to shallow cover like rock and wood with square bills and jigs, but also a great time to target grass by punching a beaver style bait.

Less is More

As the water gets cold, the underwater world moves a little less, and so should your lures. When it comes to soft plastics it’s time to leave behind anything with a lot of action and opt more for senkos, straight-tail worms, and really anything that isn’t going to be ‘kicking’ a lot of water. Even my hard baits like crankbaits, bladed jigs, and spinnerbaits, I like to really slow roll them just fast enough to barely feel the movement of the bait. This better matches how the underwater world is behaving as well as give lethargic bass more time to find and eat your lure.

Keep Grinding!

As I first stated, a lot of time the winter wonderland can make for some tough days on the water when it comes to the number of bites you get, but in my experience those days make up for themselves when you DO get that bite. And that’s not to say that every day will be slow as I have had some extremely productive days during the winter months. All in all, you just have to keep grinding, keep digging, and find a bite or two to clue you in.

I hope these tips will help you out the next time you’re on the water! Until then, don’t forget that our last ONLINE TOURNAMENT of the year is THIS WEEKEND, and we will be awarding weekly and annual prizes to our top finishers! Also, be sure to subscribe to our e-mails to stay up to date on all of our holiday sales events!

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