3 Tips for Dock Fishing

3 Tips for Dock Fishing

There are few things more appealing to bass anglers than docks, though many times we waste too much time casting lures at them only to be left bewildered and confused. It is true that docks can be magnets for bass, and the rest of the food chain, but it is critical to be efficient in which docks we fish and how we fish them. Here are 3 nuggets of advice to help catch more bass from docks.

Pick the Right Docks

There are lakes that are littered with docks from one end to the other. They’re in the creeks, on the main lake, and in marinas. With so may to choose from, it’s important to remember seasonal patterns to identify which docks are in productive areas. As bass spawn, docks are often utilized in the backs of creeks and in backwaters. In the pre- and post-spawn stage, many docks throughout the creeks will be used as staging areas. During summer and winter, deep main-lake docks can be ideal for holding large numbers of bass and bait.

Once a seasonal pattern has been established, it’s important to keep an eye out for the best docks in an area. Remember to look for things like a large surface area, docks low to the water that cast more shade, brush, rod holders, feeders, and even lights.

Learn to Skip

The best dock in the world will be tough to catch a fish off of if you aren’t placing your lure in the right spot. Most times the best place to put a lure is in the hardest to reach places. Learning to skip can pay dividends when dock fishing. If you’re just learning, I suggest starting with spinning gear as to not fall victim to a day long backlash extravaganza. For heavier lures, like jigs or swimbaits, a baitcasting reel is the most ideal option. I would suggest a reel that offers you easy access to any adjustments that need to be made, just like you would find on our Bruin ELS series. Above all, the only way to build your skills of skipping is to practice on the water!


There is a fine line when dock fishing of knowing when to efficiently move on from an unproductive dock, and when to stay a little longer. When you’ve found the perfect dock with all the requirements to hold fish, it could pay off to be a little more patient. The fish holding underneath are likely not in a feeding mood, so slow moving lures like a jig or a stick worm soaked in the sweet spot could buy you a few bites other anglers were to impatient to wait for.

Take these tips with you! I hope they help you grow as an angler. In the meantime, be sure to find us on Facebook, Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more weekly content!

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