3 Ways to Rig Swimbaits

3 Ways to Rig Swimbaits

While swimbaits have always been around as the most realistic baitfish imitators, as of late they have become more and more of a staple in my boat. Like anything else in bass fishing, the market is full of options to the point that it can become overwhelming. And while the options for rigging these extremely versatile baits can be endless, I have found a few offerings that have been so productive that I essentially have these rigged and ready at all times. Here are my favorite ways to rig swimbaits.

Swimbait Head

This is my typical big swimbait set-up and it has caught the majority of my 6+ pound fish over the last year. Simply thread either a Pro’s Choice EZS 5.1 or 5.9 and thread it onto a Jenko Swimbait head. I like this rig when fishing for structure like points and ledges. Because of the open hook, it is not always the best option for trekking into brush but is an excellent tool for probing the edges of and swimming over the top of brush piles. I will fish this on a Dobyn’s Fury 794 Swimbait Rod paired with a Bruin ELS reel geared in 6.2:1.

Flashy Swimmer

Pairing a 4.7” Pro’s Choice KS Style Swimbait with a 5/0 Owner Flashy Swimmer maybe the most versatile (and juicy lookin’) rig I’ve seen. It offers a very natural look in an extremely weedless style allowing you to mimic the baitfish the bass are keying in on. Whether I’m targeting bluegill beds, a shad spawn, docks, brush, or grass; this rig stays on my front deck. I will throw this on a Dobyn’s Fury 734c rod paired with a Bruin ELS reel geared in 6.2:1.

Bladed Jig Trailer

It’s almost as if the 3.75” Pro’s Choice KS Style Swimbaits were built to be used on the back of a Z-Man Jackhammer or a Strike King Thunder Cricket! This bait has been key for me on several occasions over the past year. Anytime I see grass, I know that this bait is going to play a significant role in covering water and locating fish, as well as cleaning up those same areas.

This tiny list only scratches the surface of options when it comes to rigging soft swimbaits, but these offerings have proven to be very productive and have earned a permanent spot on the front of my boat!

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