Bass Fishing Etiquette

Bass Fishing Etiquette



We have all experienced it. We’ve stared in total disbelief as some numbskull does the unspeakable and pulls in ahead of us within feet of where we are fishing and cuts us off. It’s enough to make a preacher curse. That’s just one of the many irritating things a boater or fisherman can do that ruins the entire trip. So here’s a little 101 on common sense boating and bass fishing etiquette suggestions to help you not be one of the scallywags(now known as Googans) people complain about.  




Do not…Repeat… DO NOT cut off a fellow angler. If you are pulling in to a spot and another angler is already fishing that spot, stop and survey the other fishing party. Are they steady moving in a particular direction? Can you determine if they are fishing toward an upcoming spot? Many times the best thing to do is simply ask. Maybe even ask if they intend to come back to an area they just fished. But the point is be courteous and communicate. It is important to remember this includes a bank fisherman who is already set up and fishing an area. Please respect their right to fish and don’t think your fishing is more important because you have a boat.





Boat Operation is a multifaceted topic that we could spend a lot of time on. Basically, the use of plain common sense applies. Be mindful of your boat wake especially passing a smaller craft. Never crank-up and just blow out of an area someone else is fishing. Simply idle out away and then take off. Never run into a spot full bore and start fishing… see number one above.



This one is my own pet peeve. Trash…. I hate a trash head. Anyone who discards beverage cans, bottles old fishing line and the likes should be stretched on the rack. Seriously, throw your discarded plastics and trash in a compartment in your vessel then discard in the appropriate containers on shore.


Watch your tongue. Just because you are potty mouthed does not mean the entire lake wants to hear it. This REALLY is important when families or children are in the vicinity. I’m not referring to an occasional slip of the tongue when an eight pound bass spits your bait at the net I’m talking about the loud mouth jerk who can’t make it through a sentence without some explicit language. Your mom will wash your mouth out.


The boat launch hawg. You know them well. Those that pull up to the ramp and THEN begin a painstakingly slow task of unloading one item at a time to the boat. Then maybe they stop and talk with someone about their lack of catching anything the day before etc. Please do your prep work in an area out of the way of those trying to make a speedy launch or load-out.


And that's all on the Bass Fishing Etiquette ✌🏼; don't be one of the above Jack Holes! Be sure to check back next Tuesday for more tips from our staff experts and pro-staff around the country.









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