Benefits of Using a Rangefinder of Hunting

Benefits of Using a Rangefinder of Hunting

Being a successful hunter begins with an efficient hunter. Many things can cultivate efficiency like proper planning, scouting, preparations, and having the proper tools. One tool that I believe can aid in all of these things is a good rangefinder. Here are just a couple reasons why utilizing a rangefinder can be beneficial in making you a better hunter.


One of the goals of scouting either before your season starts, or if you’re still hunting over an expansive area, is to cover as much ground as possible, as quickly as possible, in order to gain as much knowledge as possible. With a rangefinder in your hunting pack, you will be able to clearly visualize and gather information while taking fewer steps. Sure, you can gain some perspective with a good pair of binoculars, but not only will a rangefinder help you gain a better vantage point but it will also help you learn about the slopes of the terrain, distances across fields, distances between certain points, etc. In this way, a good rangefinder offers more than a standard pair of binoculars ever could.

Removes Guesswork

How many times have you over-guessed or under-guessed distance on a shot only to have to track a wounded deer through brush and swamp? This becomes even more of a task when long-range hunting where it will require much more leg work when a shot isn’t properly calculated! A rangefinder takes the guess work out of the equation and enables you to take better calculated, more responsible, shots at whatever game you are pursuing.

Overall, rangefinders might be one of the most useful, efficient, low-cost tools for any hunter to keep in their pack! Even more, just this week, Bruin Outdoors has introduced the 2-in-1 Hunting and Golf Rangefinder, exclusive to Sportsman’s Outfitters. Each unit comes ready to get in the woods to go hunting OR to see just how far you need to hit a golf ball to clear that bunker. It comes standard with Pin-Seeker Technology, Jolt feature, and Slope Technology. Be sure to carry this extremely beneficial tool along with you on your next trip to the woods!

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