Best Winter Lures

Best Winter Lures


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The new year has just rolled in and we are already storing most of our hunting gear getting prepped for the spring fishing season. This winter has been exceptionally warm across the deep south. Extreme southern Florida is already gearing up for the spawn. For the majority of the rest of the country, the winter patterns will still be the norm. Here is a brief list of some of the best mid/late
winter baits for almost any body of water you can fish.



1. Hard Jerk Baits are a given because of their ability to be worked very slow with long pauses. The steady twitch twitch pause cadence along with the bait fish profile can be very rewarding in cold water. Experiment with different speeds and pause length times to dial in on what the fish desire for that day.

2. Jigs are another go to bait in cold weather. The jig and pig type baits pitched in thick brush can most always be counted on to get even the wariest bass to bite. Hair jigs worked off of ledges and bluffs can also be dynamite this time of year. 

3. Jigging Spoons and other vertical baits like tail spinners worked on suspended schools of fish can pay off big time if you can locate them on sonar. You can simply free spool the lure to the desired depth and rip bait up and free fall down on a tight line. 

4. Umbrella rigs cast beyond and slow retrieved through a school of fish can change a slow day of fishing into a memory maker especially if it triggers the school into a feeding frenzy. 

5. Last but certainly not least are lipless cranks. Anytime you can find active fish moving up on shallow flats, vegetation areas or stump fields you can count on these noisy little critters to fill your creel. The hottest colors are mostly crawfish patterns during this time in most lakes.

These are just a few of the best baits for most reservoirs and lakes for mid to late winter bass action. Let us know your favorite baits if you can drop us a line. 


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Be sure to check back in with us next week for more tips from our expert staff and pro staff around the country. 

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