Big Swimbait Tips

Big Swimbait Tips

Many times, anglers catch wind of a new and better way to target bigger bass only to give up after seeing no results. This is OFTEN the case when picking up swimbaits, especially bigger swimbaits, for the first time. Chasing after a few bigger bites can sometimes feel like a drag, especially if you’re going hours between bites, but the end product is absolutely worth it. Here are a few tips to possibly shorten the amount of time between bites and help you be more productive with big swimbaits.

Sneak Up on Them

One thing that we should think of more often when fishing in general, especially when looking for bigger bass, is to be a tad more stealthy in our approach. This can include several steps. Things like; don’t bang around in the boat and slam compartment lids, turn the trolling motor to a low constant setting, and things of that nature. But the most important thing I’ve learned is to make longer casts. These bigger fish are smart, and they are big for good reason. They know when you’re around and they’re typically not going to be very cooperative when you’re around, so staying back a little bit and trying to create some distance between the big hairy human and the big slimy fish can be a difference maker when it comes to catching a new PB.

Multiple Casts

We’ve already stated that these fish are smart, and to add to that, they are also picky about what they want to chase down and eat. Big, lone ranger, bass aren’t going to spend a lot of time chasing down mediocre meals. But, if a big hearty steak comes by time and time again, temptation will eventually give way. It seems that most of the time my really big fish catches come on either the first cast to an area OR the 10th, 15th, or 20th cast to an area. They’re either ready to eat or you’re going to have to tempt them into eating.

Don’t Rush It

One of my primary rules of big swimbait fishing is “slower is usually better”. We are all tempted to get in a hurry when on the water. I mean, you’ve been dying to go all week, Saturday is finally here, now you’re out in the heat getting tired of not getting many bites. It becomes easy to bump the trolling motor up a few speeds and start cranking in that bait a little quicker. But I can attest, a thoroughly intentional, methodical, and SLOWLY retrieved swimbait is going to catch bigger fish more times than not. If it’s a big soft swimbait fished on the bottom, I want it kicking across the bottom about as slow as I can possibly retrieve it. With big glides, I want a slow side to side gliding action with a pause every once and a while. I want to make that big bass think that she is truly ambushing an unknowing poor soul. It’s like reverse phycology to get the fish to think it’s winning the battle.

The most important thing I can tell you to help gain confidence in big swimbaits is to tie one on and get to the water. Be quiet, make long casts, make multiple casts, and be focused on retrieving the bait so slow it hurts and I can nearly guarantee you’ll catch a new PB in no time! Until then, go check out our SWIMBAIT SEASON SALE going on now!

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