Game Camera Maintenance

Game Camera Maintenance


Game cameras are a wonderful tool for documenting what’s going on around your hunting land. Today’s cameras are very high resolution and have a myriad of features but are pretty expensive investments. By taking a little time and providing some basic maintenance you can extend the life of your camera for many years. In today’s Tuesday tip we will explore a few suggestions to take care of your investment.


  1. Let’s start with the physical appearance of the external camera case. Pay attention to any cracks or broken hinges, latches or seals on the camera body. Our goal here is to prevent any moisture or dirt from entering the camera housing. Silicone caulking will fix most areas that tend to be a leaking issue. Inspect and clean the camera lens and infrared portal to provide the best images and motion detection. Don’t forget the tree strap and connectors for any sign of wear.
  2. Next, let’s go inside for further inspection. Look for signs of insects such as cobwebs or other debris. Remove any old batteries and inspect battery terminals for corrosion. If corrosion is found use a cotton swab, moistened with vinegar and carefully wipe the corroded contacts. Repeat as necessary to remove all of the white residue. Always start the season with fresh batteries that are of the same brand type. It’s best NOT to mix battery brands. A good habit to follow is remove all batteries at the end of the season prior to storage. Inspect the media card to insure there are no pictures to be saved then re-format the card within the actual camera you will be using it in. Again, verify any gaskets or seals are not damaged or missing. If you are having a moisture problem try using a couple of the little Desiccant packages that ships with many consumer items these days. They work well to inhibit moisture issues.
  3. Now that the camera has been serviced it is wise to test the unit for day and night shots before placing in woods. Verifying camera is recording successful images can save a lot of heartache and disappointment later.
  4. Lastly, the care of your camera after the season is over is important also. Remove any batteries and SD cards and store camera in a protective bag in a cool location for best performance next season.

 That's it for your game camera maintenance. Be sure to check back in next Tuesday for more tips from our expert staff and pro staff from around the country.

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