Good news, we have KN95 Mask-Respirators

Good news, we have KN95 Mask-Respirators


This will be an unusual tip and include an unusual item we came across. Having connections across the globe gives us access to products that are outside of our normal product line. Recently one of our vendors that makes a variety of products including game cameras, informed us that one of their divisions also made KN95 respirators. Having kept up with the news stories on shortages we thought we would have some sent here to verify the authenticity of the product. Indeed these are genuine certified KN95 respirators. Our goal is to provide our customers that need these type face mask-respirators with a source where none may exist. Unlike some other suppliers, we are only interested in a small mark up to cover our costs, shipping and handling. If you have a need for these masks or if you know of any organizations in your area that are having shortages please call us at 866-331-3937 or visit our web site for additional details. We continue to pray for those that this virus has affected as well as our Nation to recover from the crushing blows of a closed economy. 


Stay safe out there and keep practicing your social distancing! 

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