How to Restore Bent Soft Plastics

How to Restore Bent Soft Plastics

Restore Bent Soft Plastics!

Chances are you have quite an investment in a large inventory of soft plastic lures. Because the nature of the material they are made of they can become warped, bent, and deformed from the way they are transported and stored. Most anglers probably dispose of these misfits in the trash, however most of them can be restored to their original condition with a little TLC! Here is one way to salvage your investments on a rainy day when you have a little down time. All you need is a boiler pot, a large bowl of chilled water, and some tongs.


First take a pot of boiling water and using tongs grasp
the lure by the head a submerge for 10-15 seconds.




Take the now softened lure out of the boiling water
and submerge into the cold ice water to set the lure in
the straightened position.




Lay baits out on a flat surface to further cool and
prepare baits to be placed in a Ziplock bag in straight
flat layers.


That’s it! Using a few minutes on a rainy day can add up to big savings when it comes to warped soft baits. Be sure to check back next Tuesday for more tips from our staff experts and pro-staff from around the country.




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