How to store your fishing line!

How to store your fishing line!

Storing Fishing Line!

Today’s fishing lines are better than ever and come in a variety of line types, colors and even performance characteristics for specific fishing needs. More and more anglers are choosing bulk spools because of the cost savings for the larger spools. So what's the best way to store your investments to extend the normal shelf life? For starters we need to break down the enemies that attack most monofilament and Fluorocarbon Lines. The number one enemy of mono would probably be ultraviolet light from the sun. Fluoro seems a little more impervious to sunlight but both types are effected by excessive heat in the form of memory coils. Humidity can also be a factor in line degradation as well. Choosing a container like a soft cooler bag, dry bag or other water resistant storage container will be beneficial to keep your line from sunlight and heat and keep your line in tiptop shape for that next respool job.


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