July 4th Water Safety Tips

July 4th Water Safety Tips


Hurray for the July 4th weekend break! This is a time when there is a lot of water activity on rivers, lakes and beach outings. Fishermen, skiers, personal watercraft and swimmers will be everywhere. Boaters need to be especially mindful of the congestion on the waterways. As a boat driver, you should stay alert and focused on the path before you and look for swimmers, stopped craft, and those who simply are ignorant of the rules of vessel operation. Yes, I know it is hard to believe but there are those out there who just don’t know any better. Be courteous and respect others around you. It may be up to you to back off the throttle or change course in those situations. For those in charge of children swimming, always have at least one dedicated person who is not consumed with phone distractions, reading a book or other issues where your full attention is not on the child in the water. It goes without saying that boat operators restrain from consuming alcohol or anything that impairs the operation of the vessel. Use plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated even though you may be in the water. Have a safe and happy  4th.

God Bless The U.S.A. 

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