Narrow down your late spring water with Paul Elias


I recently had the good fortune to spend a couple of days with my old friend Paul Elias while on a video shoot. We had tried to hook up earlier in the spring to do a few videos on his new signature reel but weather and the COVID-19 virus threw us for a loop. When we finally got a chance to film, the spawn, for the most part, was over, the lake was slightly colored from the recent rains and the wind was howling. After making a few stops to check a few areas on his Garmin Panoptix LiveScope, he realized we would have to narrow down our coverage by starting in the back of some bedding areas and move deeper until we found the fish. Having bass in the final stages of spawning can be tough. Some have spawned and left, some were in the late stages of the spawn and yet occasionally there are a few stragglers that had not gone on the bed. By starting in the shallows that normally are bedding areas and methodically casting a swimjig around the various visible structures, he began to establish a repeatable pattern. The lesson I learned is that sometimes we tend to fish a pattern that we think the fish should be in based off of the time of year or previous experiences. Yet in the late springtime of the year, bass can still be in shallower water than you think.


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