New Products Worth Adding to Your Box!

New Products Worth Adding to Your Box!

As the year rolls on, new products are hitting the shelves adding even more options for angler to obsess over for the next several weeks and months. Any time we can add a few new baits to our arsenal is enough to make us feel like a kid on Christmas morning, but I’ll say there a few releases in particular that I am looking forward to tying on the next time I hit the water. I figured now would be as good of a time as any to talk about a few of these options and how I plan to utilize them to ultimately make my fishing trips a little more productive!

Heddon Boyo Super Spook

Just a couple weeks back I discussed in a blog post (read here) my favorite options for targeting bass that were schooling on baitfish, more particularly smaller sized baitfish. A finesse swimbait and a Pop’R have been my go-to, but I’ll admit that I was hungry for a bite sized walking bait that would imitate these smaller baitfish. That is exactly what the Heddon Boyo Super Spook is! Knowing what I know about the effectiveness of a walking bait around schooling fish, I have no doubt that this will be an absolute producer whenever I need to more closely mimic small prey.

Z-Man Big Blade Chatterbait

I’ve spent the last year or two wondering how in the world Z-Man would continue to add to their line-up of Chatterbaits. I mean, at some point you have to run out of ideas, right? With the success of the Chatterbait line of bladed jigs it only makes sense to continue to make alterations so that such a great lure can be presented in more and more situations. Enter the Big Blade Chatterbait! There will definitely be a few of these packed in my bladed jig box and ready to be slow rolled in dirty water situations. I’ve yet to put in anytime with these baits as of now, but it seems as if you will be able to slowly retrieve this bait in shallow dingy water as it puts off more thump and vibration in comparison to its regular sized counterparts.


Booyah Covert Nighttime Spinnerbait

When people think of fishing at night they tend to think of Summertime. But low and behold, a lot of my best nights have come as the temperatures start to drop and night fishing can be a hot time year-round in the deep south. A nighttime staple on any lake is a single bladed spinnerbait that offers a big profile and a lot of thump to draw bass in low light conditions. Add to that a series of spinnerbaits designed by a spinnerbait aficionado, Jason Christie, and you have a bait worth tying on! The entire Covert Series by Booyah has become my favorite spinnerbaits to throw as a lot of time and thought was put into blade selection, as well as every other facet of these baits. They produce in any situation that calls for blades, and the nighttime offering is no exception.



These baits are currently available on our website, and as fall rolls on we will continue to see hot new releases stream in. Be sure to keep your eyes on our social media, as well as be sure to subscribe to our mailing list, so that you don’t miss out on the hottest new products!

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