Prepping for Spring: Fresh Line

Prepping for Spring: Fresh Line

I mentioned last week that now is the perfect time, with the winter cold, to get some things done to make your fishing season go a little smoother. I always start with tackle organization and inventory so that I can see what I have, what I need, and know where it all is! The next check box on the agenda for me is FRESH LINE on all of my reels.

If you’re like me, you change out your line several times, if not MANY times, throughout the course of the year. That said, this is the time of year I do it with real purpose. It helps me do a few things. For one, While I’m in the process I can inventory what reels and rods I have, decide what they’re going to be used for, what condition they’re in, and ultimately decide what line will go on each one. With this decision making, whenever I change out line in the future, I will know what line to have available and know without question which line is going on each reel going forward.


Another big reason I focus on this in a major way NOW; I use a lot of braid. That braid doesn’t get re-spooled many times throughout the course of the year, so now is the perfect time to get fresh braid on any reels that need it.

With just a couple of hours of time (hours that you’re sitting around thinking about fishing anyway), you can get a lot done to prepare for the coming year.


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