Prepping for Spring: Terminal Tackle

Prepping for Spring: Terminal Tackle

No one wants to get to the water for the first time this year only to realize that their hooks are dull, and they don’t have the right size weights for what they’re trying to do. Right? That is why NOW is the time to make sure things are right before that day comes and we’re left frustrated in the middle of a lake somewhere.

The most important thing to note when it comes to terminal tackle is hooks. I used to not think much of my hooks. I thought, “a little rust won’t hurt a thing” and “the fish can’t tell the difference in a 3/0 and a 4/0”. But, as I’ve learned, these things matter. A lot, actually. So, before the year kicks off, I like to make sure I have a full inventory of fresh hooks that are ready to roll. I want all sizes and styles readily available so that I am prepared for any situation that comes up. I also want to check my baits with treble hooks and be sure to replace any that are dull or rusty.

The important thing with weights is all about inventory! If you’re anything like me, as much as you hate it, you go through a lot of weights. Especially days that you spend fishing areas where you’re liable to get snagged and break off a lot. And there is no worse feeling than finding that the fish want the fall of a 3/8oz weight, yet you only have 2 left in the box. Or a situation where you need to throw a shaky head and you are fresh out of jigheads. Stock up now so that these extra worries aren’t added to what’s supposed to be a great day on the water!

As we roll into Spring, I hope that this year is the best ever for you! Whether you’re a touring angler, weekend warrior, or have simply resolved to take your kids out fishing more; prepare now and enjoy your time! See you on the water!

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