Product Review: Plano Edge

Product Review: Plano Edge

“Why in the world would I spend that much money on a tackle box?” I know, I know. I get it and I probably uttered these words at some point. Even so, I decided to try one out last year just to see if the hype was really worth it. In short, yes. These boxes are absolutely worth the money and I simply couldn’t recommend them enough. Here is why!


My first impression of the Plano Edge boxes was that they looked tough, and they seemed to be very ergonomic when it comes to organization. I, personally, first purchased the jig/bladed jig box because it seemed to provide the best method of organizing my bladed jigs. And it absolutely does. It checked every box that I expected, but in one major way it exceeded my expectations. One problem I’ve always had with the standard boxes was rust, especially when left in my boat for any long period of time. Just this past winter, I went a few weeks without taking the boat out and I had left several boxes of lures in one of my storage compartments, one being my bladed jigs. When I began to prep my boat and tackle for a trip, I noticed that some of my lures in standard boxes were showing signs of rust and I had to chunk a few jigs as well as swap out some hardware on a few crankbaits. This was not the case for my bladed jigs that were stored in the Plano Edge box. Even with heavily salted plastics still on the baits, the Rustrictor technology kept every bait looking brand new. I was blown away at how well it preserved my baits. That in itself paid for the box in comparison to the cost of replacing a pile of rusted jigs.


Really, the only downside that I can possibly think of is the price of these boxes, but as I’ve already mentioned, I feel that they make up for that in the protection and efficiency they provide.

All in all, I think the Plano Edge Series boxes are well worth the investment. They store your tackle in am ergonomic fashion, they’re as tough as you’re going to get, they lock and seal to prevent any water from getting in, and they effectively eliminate rust even when you’re lazy enough to leave your tackle in your boat over an entire winter period!

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