Quick Tips for Fall Inshore Fishing with Todd "Marshman" Masson

Quick Tips for Fall Inshore Fishing with Todd "Marshman" Masson

It seems as though fall is peak season for chasing inshore species like redfish and speckled trout. But, as a bass guy, I wanted to seek out the best tips directly from someone who lives and breathes inshore fishing! When I reached out to good friend, Todd "Marshman" Masson, he was quick to pass along these tips that will help you locate and catch all the reds and specks you can handle this fall.

Follow the Food Chain and the Falling Tide

The easiest pattern in all of fishing is targeting speckled trout during a falling tide in the autumn. Specks group up wherever white shrimp concentrate after being pulled from backwater marshes, especially at the mouths of bayous as they dump into coastal lakes and bays. 

Grass Beds on a Rising Tide

 If your trip happens to coincide with a rising tide, look for speckled trout and redfish near grass beds. White shrimp love to hang out in grass, and specks and reds know this, so that’s where they hang out as well. Some anglers curse the grass because it will foul baits, but if you want to find autumn specks and reds, that’s where you need to look.

It's Still Topwater Time!

 Don’t ignore topwater plugs in October, November and even December. Though the spring run is legendary for producing trophy speckled trout on topwater baits, the fish also look up to feed on mild autumn days. This is especially true on flats that feature clean, moving water, submerged aquatic vegetation and mullet.

 Pack a lunch. Fall weather is simply the best of the year, which means you don’t have to scoot back to the dock early to beat the heat. Enjoy the weather. Cover water. Sooner or later, you’ll find something somewhere that may become your new favorite fishing spot!

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