Scent Control 101

Scent Control 101


It seems like every discussion around a group of hunters always ends up addressing scents, primarily how to avoid human scents from spooking deer. I know there are times when there are those who boast that they have taken deer while smoking, drinking coffee, or even urinating out of a stand and claim scent control is not a big deal. But all of us have been busted at one time or another by the changing wind and a wise deer sounding the alarm. You’ve invested a lot of money on tons of camo, deer stands, deer leases, hunting licenses and your choice of weapon, why take a chance on blowing the buck of a lifetime with carelessness on scent control? There are a few basics that absolutely help keep human scents to a minimum.


  1. Wash all of your hunting apparel with scent-free and odor inhibiting detergents and dryer sheets. The smell of those perfumed detergents may smell good on fresh towels or bed sheets but is a dead give away in the field.
  2. Bathe and shampoo with scent-free soaps that are designed to control human odor. Remember to dry with a towel that has been washed and dried in the products mentioned above.
  3. On the pre-daylight drive to the stand, avoid restaurants and foods that smell like fried foods. It’s always good to smell bacon frying and chicken biscuits when you walk in that little country diner, but you’ll smell like that too if you linger too long. Same goes for wiping those chicken biscuit fingers on your camo. Speaking of camo…
  4. Spray everything down with scent eliminating sprays. Make sure to concentrate on body areas that are the main scent generators, your boots, armpit areas, and especially your hat or cap inside and out. I know some that spray several times during the hunt and especially on the way out if planning to hunt the same area the next day.
  5. Avoid wearing all of your cold-weather clothing to the stand. It may be cold outside, but you will quickly build up body heat and perspire on a brisk walk to your stand.
  6. Lastly, it goes without saying to optimize your chances of a successful hunt, have backup locations you can hunt based off of the general wind direction.


That's it! Be sure to check out our collection of scent eliminators here. Have fun out there in the woods, and check back in with us next week for more tips from our expert staff and pro staff around the country.


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