The (ALMOST) Forgotten Spinnerbait

The (ALMOST) Forgotten Spinnerbait

The (ALMOST) Forgotten Spinnerbait

Ever since the vibrating jig or chatterbait was first sold back in 2004, anglers began throwing it more and more over the traditional spinnerbait. Soon the social media buzz and print coverage shadowed any stories of the trusty old spinnerbait. As I researched articles about the spinnerbait VS the vibrating jig a couple of bullet points seemed to be a common thread as to which bait worked better under different conditions.

The general consensus was that the chatterbait was the best choice for clear water, skipping under a boat dock, around and through submerged vegetation and when the primary forage fish is panfish or golden shiners. Spinnerbaits excel on windy days, stained or muddy water, cloudy days, and when shad are the primary forage. Spinnerbaits can sometimes be easier to work through wood cover with fewer snags because of the long blade wire. Spinnerbaits also can be slow rolled in deeper water at a slower retrieve but also offer the ability to burn or wake on the surface. Lastly, spinnerbaits can be fairly easily modified by changing blade sizes, colors or styles to mimic the baitfish in the area. Choosing Colorado blades gives more thump in the water but willow leaf blades can provide more flash.

So this spring don’t forget the time tested spinnerbait. It just may be the difference in a good day's catch especially if everyone else is chatterbaiting. Check out some of our staff picks for spinnerbaits below ⬇.


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