When In Doubt... Change It Out!

When In Doubt... Change It Out!


When IN Doubt…Change It Out!

Great News folks, fishing season is almost here. It took forever for cooler weather to get here last fall but now we are ready for the upcoming spring and launching a boat as soon as possible. One of the most overlooked things in preparation for the coming year is inspecting and replacing our fishing lines. Even if you re-spooled just prior to the end of last season, it’s a good thing to at least inspect all your reels for line problems. Monofilament degrades with time and can weaken when exposed to heat, sunlight, and/or saltwater. When stored on a spool for a long time, it may come off the fishing reel in coils or loops. Some people swear you can restore mono by submersion briefly in boiling water to increase flexibility and erase memory coils. Fluorocarbon line fairs a lot better than it’s mono counterpart and if taken care of can last a full season or even two. Braid is the heartiest of the trio and unless it is really sun-bleached can last for a year or two. The safest bet however is… when in doubt change it out. The relatively low cost of fresh line could be the difference in landing that hawg of a lifetime.


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