Arbogast Jitterbug 3/8oz

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The double-loped lip, placed at an angle to assure proper action from the very start of the retrieve, creates a loud paddling sound. which has fooled thousands of bass over the years. 2-1/2 long trebles Individually packaged .

    Features a double loped lip which creates a loud paddling sound which has fooled thousands of bass. Jointed for extra action 4 longtreble hooks.
    This magnum size Jitter Bug is made for muskies. The distinctive action and sound calls fish from cover. A killer for muskies in the summer!
    The Arbogast Jitterbug is a legendary topwater lure with a sound millions of anglers can immediately recognize.


  •     The Arbogast Jitterbug is the most respected topwater lure for night fishing.
  •     Well-documented as a big-fish catcher.
  •     Best for Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike, and Panfish
  •     Freshwater Floating Lure
  •     Floating Topwater Design
  •     Cabela's exclusive frog patterns
  •     Enticing back-and-forth topwater action
  •     Steel double-lobed lip
  •     Action and sound for added attraction
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