Rebel P71 Pop-R

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Using the latest 3D scanning technology, the Rebel P71 Pop-R is a successful recreation of the legendary “secret pro bait” the Rebel P70 Pop-R and is now back in production due to overwhelming customer demand. Whether you’re popping, chugging, or walking the dog, the Rebel P71 Pop-R is the same exact weight, size, shape, and lip design as the original, which allows it to produce a familiar sound and action that has put so many fish in the boat for decades. On the surface, it sits tail down, which allows anglers to keep it in the strike zone for longer. When you lift the rod tip it will imitate a shad flicking on the surface but with the rod tip lowered it will move more water and produce the signature Pop-R bloop sound. Anglers can also impart small jerks with slack in the line and the Rebel P71 Pop-R will produce a side-to-side walk the dog action that is deadly for schooling bass.

Outfitted with top quality components from end-to-end, the Rebel P71 Pop-R features premium stainless split rings and razor sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks that provide lightning fast hook sets and plenty of power to haul lunker-sized bass to the boat. It also comes with a feather dressed treble on the rear, which creates a secondary action that helps triggers bites from lethargic and lure shy bass. Available in a selection of proven colors, the Rebel P71 Pop-R is sure to find a home in the tackle boxes of popper aficionados.

Rebel Length Weight Class
P71 Pop-R 3" 9/16oz Topwater