Mister Twister Flip N Out 4" Junebug 8 Per Bag

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The Mister Twister Flip n Out is one great flip pin bait. It can also be used Texas or Carolina rigged or as a jig or spinner bait trailer. Sold 8 per pack. Built with a soft, yet compact body, the Mister Twister Flip'n Out delivers maximized water displacement to help bass find this easy meal, even in the thickest cover. Fitted with a combination of Mister Twister's Curly Tail legs and claw-like paddles, the Mister Twister Flip'n Out provides a flailing presentation and a lifelike fleeing motion that big predators can't resist.

  • June bug Red
  • Watermelon Red
  • Watermelon Red/Pearl
  • Green Pumpkin
  • Green Pumpkin Candy
  • Black Neon
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Army Green Gold
  • California 420
  • Flip pin Blue Red
  • Okochobee Craw
  • South African Spec