Epic Baits Compact Swim Jig

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SKU: SPO212-175
Built to navigate your lake’s underwater jungles with weedless efficiency, the Epic Baits Compact Swim Jig is a smart addition to any jig collection. Smartly designed from end to end, the Compact Swim Jig starts with a detailed head mold that features 3D gill rakers, mandibles, and eyes for a layer of anatomical realism that is expertly complemented by the durable paint schemes.

In addition to the carefully crafted head, the Epic Baits Compact Swim Jig comes equipped with a fiber weedguard that strikes the perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility to easily shed snagging grass without impeding your hookset. Seated behind the jig’s head is a premium skirt for an enhanced profile and pulsating action underwater. The skirt is adhered to a silicone core and then hand-tied with flexible thread for ideal color separation and reliable performance. Armed with an infallibly sharp Gamakatsu hook, the Epic Baits Compact Swim Jig is an ideal option for probing brush piles, trees, and other complex cover that conceals your lake’s biggest predators.