Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon

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Size: 7Lb - 200 YD
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Super FC Sniper is Sunline America's best selling product. Our pros love Sniper for its' versatility and manageability. Sniper is a great choice for spinning or casting tackle. It features triple resin processing to give it high abraision resistance, low memory, long life and uniform line diameter. The Sniper radar chart below shows its' rating in each category.

As a great choice for either spinning or baitcasting reels, the Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon will deliver performance for any fishing style. This Sunline fishing line features a high knot strength which gives it the ideal mix of strength and durability. Its high specific gravity makes it a great choice for fishing in deep water.

Diameter Inches Millimeter
4lb .0065 .17
5lb .0075 .19
6lb .0081 .21
7lb .0086 .22
8lb .0093 .24
10lb .0102 .26
12lb .0112 .29
14lb .0122 .31
16lb .0129 .33
18lb .0138 .35
20lb .0146 .37
25lb .0159 .41
30lb .0171 .44

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