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ACR Hot Shot Signal Mirror

ACR Hot Shot Signal Mirror


ACR Electronics

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ACR HotShot Signal Mirror with holographic sighting

Model: 1700
  • Designed to provide optimum sighting ""spot"" with holographic red dot viewing window
  • When target image, mirror and sun are in proper alignment, red dot on target ensures mirror reflection is on target
  • Telescope quality second surface reflective mirror is bright, provides focused image
  • Buoyant float for easy recovery if dropped overboard
  • Patented whistle (meets USCG) for audible alerting in low visibility conditions
  • Lanyard for securing to person or liferaft
  • Simple, total safety signaling package

A quality mirror is the ultimate fail-proof daytime signaling device - no emergency kit should be without one. The Hot Shot™ takes emergency signaling to the next level with its holographic ""red-dot"" viewing window that quickly finds the optimum sighting ""spot"" for a bright, focused signal.

Dimensions 4.25 x 2.75 x.19" (10.8 x 7 x .48 cm)