AFW / Hi-Seas Surfstrand Bare 1X7 Stainless Steel Wire 30' Camo 20Lb .011" Diameter

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Surfstrand 1x7 is made of corrosion resistant, spring temper stainless steel. Compared to our competitors old style 1x3 construction, Surfstrands 1x7 construction offers higher break strength and more realistic action. The wire is specially stranded to deliver superior kink resistance, and the high strength of stainless makes this an excellent wire for leaders, lures, and trolling. Camouflaged Brown finish minimizes reflections and disappears beneath the water. Attach Surfstrand using crimping sleeves and crimping pliers or tie with a Figure 8 Knot.

  •  20Lb .011In Dia
  • 30Lb .012In Dia
  •  40Lb .015In Dia 
  • 60Lb .018In Dia 
  • 90Lb .024In Dia
  • 135Lb .027In Dia