Afw Mighty Mini Ss Snap Swivel 5 Pack Black 70Lbs

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AFW Mighty-Mini Snap Swivels boast a small, compact design that reduces visibility without compromising strength. Stainless steel construction with a gunmetal-black finish makes these three times stronger than brass swivels, ensuring lasting durability. Tight tolerances for smooth rotation. Still today, the leading brand of mini swivels continues to use brass bodies with stainless steel rings that cannot match the strength of Mighty Mini Swivels. 


  • 5Pk - 70Lbs
  • 5Pk - 120Lbs
  • 4Pk - 170Lbs
  • 3Pk - 270Lbs
  • 3Pk - 320Lbs
  • 2Pk - 450Lbs
  • 2Pk - 600Lbs


  • Smart anglers know that terminal tackle can spook wary game fish.
  • AFW engineered this line of compact.
  • 100% stainless steal.
  • 3x stronger than brass swivels.
  • Compact size for reduced visibility.
  • Tight tolerances for smooth rotation.