Alvey 62GRT4 Beach Range Surf Reel

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The perfect choice for any experienced Alvey user who enjoys targeting bread and butter species using light action surf rods. The 62GRT4 features a narrow, shallow spool on a lightweight graphite back and balances beautifully on any low-mount 10’6” to 12’ light surf rod. Featuring a slightly thinner spindle than the 60G and a long life stainless-steel bush, the 62GRT4 is ultra-smooth and a joy to use when ‘finesse fishing’ the surf gutters. The outer direct wind handle provides plenty of power, whilst the inner Rapid Retrieve handle allows for a retrieve that’s up to 30% faster, this is ideal when winding in baits quickly or to keep up with speedsters on the waves. The metal star nut allows you to add tension to the spool when required or for locking the reel in place when transporting.

62 (6.25″) G (Graphite) R (Rapid Retrieve) T (Turbo Cast) 4 (Shallow,Casting)


  • Strong 6 ¼” Injection Moulded Fibreglass Spool
  • Lightweight Graphite Back
  • Comfortable Turbo-Cast Side-Cast System
  • Stainless Steel Bush provides longevity
  • 8mm fine diameter spindle gives an ultra smooth action.
  • ‘Rapid Retrieve’ handle for up to 30% faster retrieve
  • 10 year Salt and Sand Warranty

  • Weight – 642 gms
  • Spool Diameter – 160mm (6 ¼ “)
  • Line Capacity – 300m/5kg
  • Rod Size – 3.2 – 3.6m