American Hunter Feeder Charger 6 & 12V Battery Charger

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American Hunter Feeder Charger 6 &12V Battery Charger

The ability to keep your 6/12VDC feeder or camera batteries charged is made easy with this charger. Bring it in charge it up and then replace it. Designed to work with 6 or 12 batteries with a simple fill of a switch it will cover charging you batteries with only one charge for both.

  • Charges a 6 V and 12 V battery
  • Charges both sizes on same device
  • Simple switch to change between two batteries
  • Plugs into a 110 V outlet
  • Has a charging output of 500 ma DC
  • Compatible with most 6-volt and 12-volt rechargeable feeder batteries
  • Conveniently plugs into 110-volt outlet
  • Easily switches between charging volts