American Hunter Game Feeder R-PRO Feeder Only With Guard

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Keep herds of deer at your favorite hunting spot with the American Hunter R-Pro Feeder Kit. This kit comes with an analog timer and a varmint guard built in.

The American Hunter R-Pro Feeder Kit offers a durable, reliable and convenient way to dispense feed with minimum manual labor. This game feeder features an analog clock timer, which allows for quick and easy customization of feeding times and cycles; feed can be dispensed anywhere between 1 and 24 times daily. An adjustable feed rate allows this American Hunter Feeder to release feed at one to 30 second intervals. This game feeder also features a varmint guard, which prevents unwanted foragers, such as squirrels or rats, from eating the feed within. Additionally, the game feeder's compact size allows it to easily fit a variety of feed containers.


  • Adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec).
  • Varmint guard built in, easy to install.
  • Fits most any feed container.
  • Weather resistant housing.