American Maple Glow Stick 6" Green Super Long Lasting

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The Promar 6" Glow Sticks can be used for many types of activities, including camping, fishing and illumination in case of power outages. They burn longer and stronger than most. These fishing glow sticks provide the illumination you need by giving off a green-yellow light. With 24 sticks, this pack will provide you with ample illumination for an extended amount of time. Promar 6" Light Glow Sticks: Great for fishing tripsFishing glow sticks glow longer and brighter. Bright green/yellow glow These 6" premium light glow sticks are non-toxic, non-flammable and super long-lasting. Each stick is individually. packaged in a foil wrapper and includes an attachment.

Warranty Info:

  •     1-Year.