American Maple Jumbo Crab & Lobster Net 36" 2 Floats 100Ft

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These exclusive nets are great for catching crabs and lobsters and landing fish from a boat, pier, bridge, or other overhanging structure. Heavy-duty polyethylene netting is extremely effective in preventing your catch from escaping. Galvanized steel construction prevents rust on the upper and lower rings. All Promar hoop nets feature an exclusive bait keeper double-layer bait pouch that's designed to hold bait without the use of a bait cage.
  •     Jumbo Crab & Lobster Net 36In 2 Floats 100Ft
  •     Fun Colored Crab Net 2 Ring Assorted Colors 12Ea = 1(Bulk) Order 12
  •     Two Ring Wire Mesh Crab Net Poly Pack With Header