American Maple Strobe Light Blue 1.5" Submersible

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These water activated and submersible deep drop strobe lights emit a pulsating strobe that baitfish, gamefish, and squid cannot resist. Upon contact with water, a self contained lithium battery provides over 300 hours of powerful strobe light at depths up to 3,500 feet. Attract attention by attaching these lights on squid jigs, Sabiki bait rigs, deep water rigs, swordfish rigs, and even on life jackets for safety purposes. Perfect for deep water Pelagics and nocturnal Predators Whether youre fishing for Makos in the Canyon or trying to catch an elusive west coast Broadbill these lights will add another level of attraction to help you put big fish on the deck Water activated with more than 250 hours of battery life and submersible to a depth of 3000 ft Disposable - batteries are not replaceable.
  • Blue 1.5" Submersible
  • Green 1.5" Submersible
  • Red 1.5" Submersible
  • White 1.5" Submersible
Warranty Info:
  • 1-Year.