Ameristep Blind Throwdown - Mossy Oak Obsession

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The Throwdown™ does just what you'd expect: gets you ready for gobblers and predators to roll in within seconds. The patented hub design with integrated stake system holds the Throwdown to just one piece of gear to keep track of, and it easily stows in your turkey vest for quick access. For such a compact blind, the Throwdown has impressive concealment power " able to cover two hunters with extra camouflage from realistic 3D leafy die-cuts. The paneled hubs are really what push this blind to the head of the pack, by creating a compact footprint with a solid hold that won't fall down when the moment of truth arrives.
  • 3D leafy die-cut panels camouflage in all seasons
  • Ultra-compact with quick setup for run-and-gun hunting
  • Three-panel blind large enough to conceal two hunters
  • Patented hub design with integrated stake system eliminates loose parts
  • Integrated strap keeps blind closed for transport
  • ZS3™ fabric reduces noise and sheen


  • Throwdown™ turkey blind