Aqua Marina Perspective ISUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP-516090

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  • Front to tail all wrap-up EVA pad

  • Dot groove, heat embossed, maximum traction and durability

  • Upgraded 23.5” Extra High Aspect Pressure Hand Pump. Up to 20 psi.

  • Durability: 4” (10cm) double –wall drop stitch PVC technology board, Top and bottom high tensile rail bands along the outline

  • 9’9” (117”) L x 30” W x 4”H

  • 300cm L x 75cm W x10cm H


The Perspective is probably the best option for beginners, intermediates , or heavy riders to learn the basics of paddle boarding. The side chambers allow the board to have superior secondary stability and responsiveness, while the wide deck allows you to walk around and change your position without fear of flipping over. Due to its unique rail design, the Perspective’s personality on the water is nimble, easy to paddle and user friendly. On Board Storage: Stainless steel D-ring on tail for safety leash or to attach kayak seat, Elastic bungee cords for cargo, One Slide-in center fin.