Arbogast Bobber Stopper

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The Arbogast Bobber Stop is a must-have accessory. When fishing for panfish, locate the depth of the fish and simply "mark" the spot on your line by installing the Bobber Stop spring. This will allow you to reel your line in completely, bait the hook, then re-cast to your special fishing spot. Once the spring reaches the red bead it will stop at the preset depth, keeping the bait at the desired depth every time. You can adjust the Bobber Stop's depth setting with the flick of your finger. Easy-to-follow instructions for quick rigging are found on the back of the package. It's also a great accessory when bass anglers need to peg their sinkers, such as when punching mats. Easy to use 5 per package.

  • Angler locates the depth of the fish then they simply mark the spot on their line with Bobber Stop
  • Allows the angler to reel their line completely and return to the special fishing spot
  • Angler can adjust the bobber with the flick of their fingers