Atlas-Mike's Salmon Eggs 1.6Oz Shrimp Egg Pink

Atlas-Mikes BaitSKU: AM1000

Size: 1.6Oz Egg Pink
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Atlas-Mikes Salmon Eggs.The next time you go fishing, use the Atlas Mike's Shrimp Eggs. They are packed in a natural shrimp flavoring. This, along with the soft texture, will entice fish to strike. Each one will remain firm and elastic enough through the strike that it will still remain on the hook in rapid water. The Atlas Mike's eggs are fluorescent pink, making them easy to see in different types of water. They will make an ideal addition to your fishing accessories.
  • 6Oz Shrimp - Egg Pink 
  • 1.6Oz Mikes -  Egg Fluorescent
  • 1.6Oz Pack - Light
  • 1.6Oz  Pack - Assorted


  • Perfect texture.
  • Natural shrimp flavoring.
  • Atlas-Mikes Bait.
  • Fluorescent pink
  • Manufacturer:Mike's
  • Brand:Mike's

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