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ATN PS28 Gen WPT Day Night Clip On Night Vision Scope

ATN PS28 Gen WPT Day Night Clip On Night Vision Scope


ATN Technologies

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New Design-improved performance. The next generation of their popular PS22 night vision clip-on. The PS28 gives your daytime scope Night Vision capability in a matter of seconds. The ATN PS28 mounts in front of a daytime scope to enable nighttime operation. No shift of impact, no need to re-zero or change of eye relief. The ATN PS28 uses the latest in image intensifier tube technology for outstanding resolution and performance.

  • Easily Changes daytime scope to night vision
  • Mounts in from of daytime scope, no re-zeroing required
  • Multi-coated all-glass optics
  • Fast catadioptric front lens system
  • Large 40mm eyepiece/output window
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Comes with Quick Release Mount
  • Optional 7/8" weaver mount
  • Optional Scope Mounting System for coupling to the objective of the day scope
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Resistance to severe conditions
  • Up to 50 hours of continuous operation with one Lithium battery

Warranty Info :

2 years