ATN Spotting Scope X-Spotter HD Video WiFi GPS

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Hunters know that a long range spotting scope will assist in locating and evaluating game from greater distance without being detected. With ATN’s X-Spotter HD, you get a spotting scope that gives you the ability to determine if an animal is worthy of pursuit and get yardage to that target within seconds. This digital scope’s Obsidian Core allows for higher resolution and the ability to pick out individual details in birds, game, terrain and so on at extended range.

  • Use Day and Night in HD resolution - the higher resolution, the more detail in your images with X-Spotter HD. See clear reproduction of colors your eyes see.
  • Smart Rangefinder - calculate distance to any point in seconds. Digital rangefinder with observation capability is ready for immediate use. Obtain the yardage to any target or object.
  • 3D Gyroscope and E-compass - a gyroscopic sensor helps to remove image jitter when observing far objects, no more blurry images. Smart e-compass provides a compass bearing.

Warranty Info:

2 Years