Attwood Boat Pedestal Seat Ki 11" Post - 3/4" Pin Pedestal Kit - 7"X7" Base

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Features Lock 'N' Pin technology to prevent unintentional detachment. Set includes: 3/4"" Pin type brushed aluminum post, seat mount w/spring, and 7"" x 7"" base plate with nylon bushing."


  • The ¾” system gives you outstanding economical performance
  • The design is proven by decades of experience
  • The Swivl-Eze Difference
  • The Patented Lock' N-Pin system leads the industry in safety
  • Lock' N-Pin prevents unintentional detachment for seat mounts, posts and bases
  • Strong base
  • 11" post
  • Patented Lock' N-Pin system
  • 7"x 7" Base
  • Black Powder Seat Mount
  • Color: Camouflage