Avian X Turkey Decoy Squatting Hen

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SKU: AX8011

Simulating a true breeding position, the Avian-X® LCD Laydown Hen Decoy is not just your average look-a-like. These decoys are designed to be the ultimate in turkey attraction while still remaining hunter-friendly. Each turkey decoy is designed with accurate, relaxed wing placement custom for each head position and body posture and features detailed feather lines and feather positions – making them incredibly realistic and effective. The body, head and wing positions of the LCD Laydown Hen simulate the true breeding position of a hen turkey. She is squatting for the mating ritual and displaying to incoming gobblers that she is 100% receptive. However, this versatile pose can also simulate a dusting hen, making it great for those great mid-morning set-ups. Designed to be completely collapsible, the LCD Laydown Hen is made with an advanced dura-rubber material and comes with a drawstring carrying bag.


  • Model: 8011
  • Turkey Hunting Decoy
  • Lifelike Collapsible Decoy
  • Dura-Rubber Material
  • Realistic Pose & Detail
  • Drawstring Carry Bag Included
  • Laydown Body Pose Simulates Breeding Position