B&M Heaton Signature Polei M6 Graphite 10' With Bottom Seat - Oversize1


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The B'n'M 2-piece Sam Heaton Super-Sensitive IM-6 Rod is a redesign of the Sam Heaton Signature Rod. It delivers the same high-quality action and features a vibrant burgundy color. Engineered with the freshwater fisherman's needs in mind, it is tailored for catching crappie and panfish. It is made of IM-6 graphite (40 million modulus) blanks that reveal outstanding craftsmanship. This durable panfish rod is equipped with brass-plated guides and a Portuguese cork handle for ultimate comfort. It also has aluminum-oxide guides that ensure a smooth line flow while minimizing the possibility of line sticking. It is available in three sizes to accommodate your specific needs. Pair it with additional accessories in the product line, such as other rod models, fishing line, reels and much more. 

  • 10' With Bottom Seat
  • 11' With Bottom Seat
  • 12' With Bottom Seat
  • Crappie rod with bold burgundy color
  • Brass-plated guides
  • Portuguese cork handle
  • Made of IM-6 graphite (40 million modulus) blanks
  • Specially designed for crappie and panfish
  • Smallest tap feels like a jolt of electricity in your hand
  • Panfish rod includes aluminum-oxide guides that provide smoother line flow and prevent line sticking
  • Tough, durable rod

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