Bagley Balsa Wake 1 Wake Bait

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Delivering performance that has made Bagley Baits a staple among avid bass anglers since 1960, the Bagley Balsa Wake I Wake Bait utilizes the newest balsa wood technologies to give anglers the ultimate shallow water search bait. Made using Bagley’s exclusive Heat Compression Molding process, which allows for a full wire through design and precision internal weighting, the Bagley Balsa Wake I Wake Bait is much more durable and provides longer more accurate casts than traditional balsa wood baits that are carved out of a single piece of wood. It is also fitted with a steeply angled square lip for running slightly below the surface and over the top of structure to create erratic deflections that will trigger aggressive reaction strikes. Finished with a set of razor sharp treble hooks that provide a high hook up ratio, the Bagley Balsa Wake I Wake Bait is perfect for fishing over shallow water grass, laydowns, and rocks where bass sit and wait to ambush prey. 

Bagley Baits Length Weight Depth
I Wake 2-1/4" 5/16 oz 0-1 ft