Bandit Rack-it Squarebill Crankbait

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Sound strategy for pressured bass: start throwing the Bandit® Rack-it™ Crankbait in place of your favorite plastic squarebills. This hard-digging, fast-deflecting crank with the sharply squared lip features a butyrate polymer body with a rattle inside, which creates a unique sound that's completely new to the denizens of Bass Nation. Butyrate is a tough, rigid, buoyant material with a different density than plastic, which accounts for its unusual underwater sound, and it deflects extremely well off cover, with a quick rise. Meanwhile, the molded-in, shaved bill delivers an aggressive swim with a strong hunting action that can trigger strikes between impacts. Great around rocks, wood, and docks.

  • Hard-digging, fast-deflecting squarebill crank
  • Great for pressured bass near hard cover
  • Butyrate polymer body with a rattle
  • Tough, rigid, buoyant body
  • Creates a different sound than plastic cranks
  • Deflects well off cover, with a quick rise
  • Aggressive swim with strong hunting action
  • 2.7" length , 5/8oz weight , 4-6ft depth