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Barnett Crossbow Ghost 375 Rev Draw 340 FPS

Barnett Crossbow Ghost 375 Rev Draw 340 FPS


Barnett Outdoors Llc

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This is the crossbow that you pick up and realize you just gotta have. The beauty of reverse draws is the balance; whereas traditional crossbows are front-heavy, a reverse-draw bow distributes that weight toward the body. The Vicious goes one step further with its compact size. The end result is a crossbow that's easy to maneuver and conceal. Also aiding in concealability, the Kryptek Highlander™ camo pattern covers almost the entire bow - even the riser. While you may be hidden, big game won't be able to hide from you thanks to a premium illuminated scope. And best of all, the Vicious comes fully assembled. Bypass the time you would have spent tightening screws.