Barnett Crossbow Quad Edge S Quad Edge S Camo 4X Scope Package

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The Quad Edge S comes with Barnett's 3.5 pound metal injected molded, anti-dry fire trigger. It is also equipped with a pass through fore grip and hinged check plate with with a storage compartment for wrenches, lub and wax. Overall the Edge S is innovative, powerful and deadly accurate. Barnett Quad Edge Camo Crossbow Package, 350 FPS: The Barnett Quad Edge Crossbow comes with a magnesium riser and a CNC machined 7/8" Picatinny rail.The Quad Edge also features an anti-vibration foot stirrup, finger reminders and pass-through foregrip. The package includes a scope, quiver and 3 bolts Quad Edge crossbow has a sleek camouflage design.