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Barnett Razr Speed Maximizing Small GRain Crossbow-Package

Barnett Razr Speed Maximizing Small GRain Crossbow-Package


Barnett Outdoors Llc

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The RAZOR is the perfect marriage of efficiency, speed, balance and at a mere 6.4 pounds it might seem surprising that this feature packed bow can still product speeds up to 400 fps. The industry's ONLY full carbon stock paired with Barnett's proprietary Carbonlite Riser Technology (CRT), drastically reduces weight while it's titanium lining ensures long lasting strength second to none. The reverse cam system allows an increase in speed and power stroke, while not extending the overall length of the bow. To keep everything balanced, the RAZOR has a fold out support system that adds weight to the rear of the bow, giving it the most balanced feel of any crossbow on the market. The RAZOR's redesigned quiver encapsulates the hunter's broad heads to protect them from becoming damages when not in use. The quiver position is also a little different. Rather than being parallel to the limbs, the quiver now runs along the side of the stock, keeping it out of the way and offering easier access to the arrows. Being prepared for just about anything seems to be engrained in every hunter's mind. The RAZOR comes standard with an extra set of strings and cables stored in the underside of the fore grip. The RAZOR comes with a second set of flight tracks specifically made for the smaller diameter arrow.